Adam Grant’s latest book needs to be read by anyone who is interested in why humans refuse to change their minds even if they are fully capable doing so.

The book is a call for action: a call for rethinking…

Most of us think that success comes from working hard only on that one thing.

Parents push their kids early on to excel so their child can become the next Tiger Woods, armed with the 10,000 rule and the assumption that the more you specialise, the faster you arrive at…

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to be blessed with so much wit?

That they almost always have an answer and a correct one at that?

In her book , Maria Konnikova takes a deep dive into the remarkable ways one…

One of the core issues we all have to tackle every day is how to make decisions.

If you are anything like me, you make a decision, look at the outcome and then blame yourself for not making the right decision.

“I should have known…”

But the latest and absolutely…

Most of us would love to think better, faster, and smarter.

But putting things into practice and knowing which habits actually propel us towards better thinking patterns is sometimes a mystery.

In Jenny Brockis’ book there are countless yet targeted…

David Rock’s book has been a very insightful read.

The book builds on neuroscience and even though it was published in 2007, I am still blown away by how revolutionary many of the ideas still are today.

In the book, David…

This week I have further reflected upon the , in particular the question: how do we know that we are on the right track even when we have set our mission, objectives and key results?

In order to reach our Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), these should be…

In , John Doerr explains why measuring what matters helps you to plan, track and achieve success.

It makes intuitive sense anyway: if you are not measuring your progress, how would you know that you are really hitting your…

One of the key organisational capacities that makes a difference is how we embed leadership “mindshare” in the organisation.

This relates to also how we embed visionary thinking and enable broader mindsets across the whole organisation, including how we invest in individuals.

According to Johnson and Suskewicz in

In organisations, we need to bring the people with us if we are to succeed collectively.

This is particularly crucial when we are trying to develop a new vision and we know there is going to be change ahead.

Some people will be excited for change but many have their…

Johanna Nalau

I am a climate adaptation and leadership rule bender, working hard but with a spring in my step to challenge conventional ideas.

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